The beginning of the end of the year

This week we started our final assessments for the year. To counteract the serious nature of testing, we have had some fun in literacy and maths groups.

We trialled a free online phonics game called Teach Your Monster to Read. The consensus among the students is that it’s fun and helpful for practising letters, sounds and words. Super! Students will take home their sign-in cards next week so they can play at home too. They can also continue to use Mathletics for extra practice with number, shape, pattern and measurement tasks.

 We started to explore symmetry, discussing the use of mirrors and identifying symmetrical objects. The children produced their own symmetrical works using folding, cutting and pasting skills.

Shapes, patterns and design are popular amongst the children, so we revised these concepts by making Hama bead plates. This is also a fantastic activity for developing fine motor skills.

We read a funny story called A Most Unusual Dog, written by Tohby Riddle, and created a sequel about a most unusual cat. Here are some of the pages from our latest class book.

Although the children enjoyed their classroom activities, the highlights of this week were the Footsteps dance lesson  on Tuesday and the return of Friday icy poles.


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