Symbolism, symmetry, science and subtraction

We began this week with a whole school Remembrance Day assembly to commemorate the sacrifices made during times of war. Students learnt about the importance of this day and asked questions about the causes and consequences of war. We talked about why poppies and rosemary are symbols of remembrance, and we made our own poppies from felt, cardboard, scoubies and pompoms.

We continued to explore symmetry by looking at images of butterflies. The children carefully coloured a butterfly outline using ‘magic’ pencils. They then painted with the magic potion (that looked strangely like water!) to bring their butterflies to life.

For Science this term, we are learning about what things are made of. We did a class brainstorm of objects that are made from plastic, metal, glass, wood and fabric. The children came up with a rather extensive list!

Now that we have mastered simple addition, we have moved onto learning about subtraction. Each child designed a pair of colourful socks, which were hung on the ‘washing’ line across the classroom. We used different counting strategies to work out how many socks there were. We then played a game that involved the wind blowing some of the socks off the line. The question was asked: How many socks are missing? and we explored different strategies to solve each problem that was presented.

One thought on “Symbolism, symmetry, science and subtraction

  1. This is a really fun idea to learn subtraction. I can see how the children would like this activity.
    Keep up the great work Cat! 🙂

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