A late last post for 2013

December was a busy month for our class, but we had a lot of fun along the way, playing educational games and celebrating the year’s learning.

The children explored shape using tangrams. First, they used their knowledge of shape transformations (flip, slide and turn) to solve a traditional 7-piece tangram square. Then they experimented with the shapes to create animals or people.

rabbit giant flying turtlegiant bunny

Our school has subscribed to Mathletics for many years and, in 2014, we will be using Spellodrome for the first time across the whole school. We were fortunate to be offered free access in the final weeks of the school year, much to the delight of the students.

spellodrome 1 spellodrome 2

We enjoyed some old favourites, including CVC games and Wizards & Lizards.

cvc bingo cvc initial sound wizards lizards 1 wizards lizards 2Students revised the reading strategies they had learnt throughout the year by discussing each strategy and illustrating their own reference books. In the coming year, the children will continue using the reading strategies, and they will explore comprehension strategies to support their reading.

reading cover reading fish reading eagle reading monkey reading snake reading frog reading lion reading dolphin reading hippo


We completed our class display for the science unit What’s it made of? by adding our drawings to their respective categories. The students had listed several objects they were not sure how to categorise, so we placed them around the question mark and together, we found out what these objects were made of.

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