Safety, sounds and shapes

During the past few weeks we have been learning about safety, both at home and at school. We have talked about what it means to be safe and what we can do if we feel unsafe. The children identified some excellent examples of when they feel safe at home and school:

Safety 1 Safety 2 Safety 3 Safety 4


We are exploring letters, the sounds they make and how to write them correctly. As a class group, we brainstorm words that begin with the focus letter, then illustrate pages for a class book. Students have made letters using blocks, pinboards and squeeze bottles of paint. They also enjoy watching short videos that focus on specific letters and their sounds. As you can see, we have some very talented (and witty) artists in the class!

Phonics Aa airplane chasing alligator Phonics Aa airplane Phonics Aa Anne and apple Phonics Aa apple eating alligator Phonics Aa apple Phonics Aa arc en ciel Phonics Ss Jolly Phonics Phonics Ss snake Phonics Ss squeeze painting Phonics Ss Stella Phonics Tt teeth Phonics Tt tent Phonics Tt train Phonics Tt turtle


In Maths, we have been identifying and describing common shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. For a bit of fun, we incorporated some of these shapes into creative drawings:

Shapes 1 Shapes 2 Shapes 3 Shapes 4 Shapes 5 Shapes 6 Shapes 7 Shapes 8


It was a surprise for the students when we had not one, but TWO visits from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. The first visit was an opportunity to discuss fire prevention and what to do in the case of a fire. We learnt that, if we are in a building where there is a fire, we should Crawl down low and GO, GO, GO! If our clothes catch fire, we should Stop, drop, cover (the face) and roll. During the second visit, the firemen showed us their truck and all of the equipment it contains. We even got to have a look inside the truck!

Fire what is wrongFire craw low go Fire stop drop cover roll Fire truck

As part of our social and emotional learning, we have been introduced to the Kimochis and discussed their various character traits. Students were then asked to draw their favourite Kimochi, or the one they identified with the most. It seems Cloud is the most popular, possibly because his head spins!

Kimochi Bella Rose 1 Kimochi Bella Rose landscape Kimochi Bug 1 Kimochi Cat 1 Kimochi Cat 2 Kimochi Cloud 1 Kimochi Cloud 2 Kimochi Cloud 3 Kimochi Cloud 4 Kimochi Clover 1 Kimochi Clover 2 Kimochi Hugtopuss 1 Kimochi Lovey Dove 1 Kimochi Lovey Dove landscape


*For the record, I’m an Eagles fan!