First term catch-up #2: Letters, words and stories

This retrospective focuses on some elements of our literacy program: phonics, high-frequency words and reading.

We have continued to explore letters and their sounds in a variety of ways. The children enjoy watching Sesame Street video clips about our focus letters and brainstorming to see how many words we can list. We have identified objects that begin with the focus letter and practiced forming  letters correctly when writing. We often do a craft activity to produce a visual representation of something that begins with our focus letter. ‘Craftivities’ are also great for developing art skills such as using scissors and determining how much glue is needed.

Phonics Dd Phonics Ff Phonics Ii Phonics Mm Phonics Nn Phonics Oo Phonics Pp 2 Phonics Pp 1


Students have been working hard to recall high-frequency words, although this can be tricky as many of these words do not follow phonetic rules (i.e. you cannot ‘sound them out’). Learning the high-frequency words helps students to read more fluently and with greater confidence.

Golden words 4 Golden words 3 Golden words 2 Golden words 1


The children are developing a love of books and reading as their skills improve. Each morning, they share their ‘readers’ from the previous night with a small group. Occasionally, they are challenged to read to the whole class. I am impressed by the enthusiasm the children demonstrate by taking on this challenge.

Reading 2 Reading 4 Reading 1 Reading 3 Reading 7 Reading 6 Reading 5


Responding to texts is also a very important part of literacy learning. Listening to stories and discussing the characters, settings and events help the children to develop their comprehension skills. While reading Dan and the Parrot and What the Ladybird Heard, students were challenged to predict what would happen next at various points of the story, and they responded to the text by drawing and discussing their favourite events.

Dan and the Parrot 1a Dan and the Parrot 4 Dan and the Parrot 2 Dan and the Parrot 3 Dan and the Parrot 5 Ladybird 1 Ladybird 4 Ladybird 3 Ladybird 2

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  1. What a lovely blog! Great work, Cat. It’s so nice to get to see our children at work like this, with your comments. We are spoiled! 🙂

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